Choose Your Own Adventure is a guided exploration taking place at an undisclosed indoor location in Winnipeg on the evening of Friday, February 16, 2007. It is a kick-off event for DIY Fest, which happens over the course of that weekend.


Participants will receive a booklet with a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story. Following the text will lead them around the areas. They will need to find things described in the text and make choices.

Following is an overly simplified example. The actual booklets will be more involved, requiring participants to interact with and observe the environment to proceed.

You’ve almost lost your pursuers! After going down the ramp, you come to the end of the hallway.

If you go left, go to §36.

If you go right, go to §51.

When? Where?

The event will begin at the Paddlewheel Restaurant on the sixth floor of the Bay downtown. Arrive between 1630 and 1800; have dinner and gourmet ice, if you please. It’s rumoured the restaurant won’t be around much longer. We will be in the room at the back without loathsome VLTs.

Participants will be introduced to the concept, given a booklet, and sent to a nearby bus stop. Early arrivals will get a bus ticket! Bring fare in case you’re not one of the lucky ones.

If you can’t make it between those hours, please use the contact form to make alternate arrangements.


A donation of $5 is requested, but not mandatory. The funds collected will be donated to a party chosen by participants. When you register you can select where you think the funds should go.


Yes. In order to know how many booklets to print, participants should register here. You will receive a handful of email updates as the event nears.

What else should I bring?

A writing utensil, at least. If you have bulky winter clothing, you may want a backpack or somesuch to store some of it in, as you will be indoors for a long period. Also: a taste for adventure?!


The registration form asks how brave you are. There will be different booklets depending how adventurous you feel. If you want to go by the book you can, but if you are up for thrills you can have some.


The Choose Your Own Adventure books used the typeface Souvenir for body text. This site is formatted accordingly; for maximal authenticity, you should install it!